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design rendering of a white building with stepped tiers and gates set back into a landscape with green lawn and pine trees.

Design as Service


Design as Service

These interviews spotlight designers from across ’s integrated design practice – from interior design to client leadership – who draw from their time spent somewhere on the continuum of service to our county – from military spouse to veteran.

Design as Service


Resilience and Leadership

“There are several service opportunities that I and other employees at stay involved with,” says Principal and Federal Programs Leader Michael Huffstetler, LEED AP, F.SAME. Whether through unparalleled client leadership or society involvement, Mike continues to find ways to serve others while at .


Community and Transition

“Being a military spouse allowed and afforded me the opportunity to develop leadership skills,” says Helen. In addition to the elevated designs Helen contributes to our K-12 sector, her personal experience as a military spouse allows her to work with families transitioning back into civilian life.


Collaboration and Growth

“I got into this job not knowing anything. It’s one of those jobs where you learn best by working on the job. So, thanks to for giving me the opportunity to learn so early, it’s already paid off with my education,” says Design Intern Erick Garcia. Walking parallel paths as a Combat Engineer in the National Guard and an aspiring designer with , Erick sees a harmony between his duty and passion.

Explore more ways our ever-expanding design presence in federal architecture is elevating the human experience through design.

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Michael Huffstetler
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